Students’ Difficulties in Reading Comprehension at the Ninth Grade MTs Negeri 1 Manado

Nikmala N Kaharuddin, Dhea Ramadanti Thaib


This research aims to identify the difficulties faced by students in reading and the
causes of these difficulties. The researcher employed a mixed-methods research
(MMR) approach, utilizing four research instruments: observation, interviews, tests,
and documentation. The sample for this research consisted of 30 students from class
9-C and two English teachers from class 9 of MTs Negeri 1 Manado. There were three
data collection procedures. The first procedure involved the researcher observing
class 9-C. The second procedure included the administration of a multiple-choice test
with 10 questions to the students of class 9-C. The third procedure involved
conducting interviews with 30 students and 2 English teachers regarding the causes
of students' difficulties in reading. Based on the research findings, the researcher
identified four difficulties that students face in understanding reading: limited
vocabulary with a percentage of 68.33%, drawing conclusions 60%, details
comprehension 54.16%, and grasping the main idea 50%. There were two factors
causing students' difficulties: internal factors and external factors. Internal factors
included students not reading enough, texts in English, limited vocabulary, and
student laziness. External factors included a lack of English books and students not
bringing dictionaries.

Keywords: Student difficulties, Reading comprehension, Internal and External Factor

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