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Potret Pemikiran

Portret Pemikiran is an international journal published twice a year by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) Institut Agama Islam Negeri ( IAIN) Manado in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Muslim Communities in Minahasa (PS3M). The Potret Pemikiran Journal has specifically focused its scope on Social-Religious Thought across various fields such as philosophy, Sufism, religious politics, and the social conditions of religion. This journal welcomes contributions from diverse disciplines, cultivating a diversity of perspectives. Some of the key topics covered include cultural interactions and traditions, power dynamics and social structures, media and propaganda analysis, gender studies, contemporary issues, ethnographic studies, as well as Islamic thought and ethics. These issues are universal in nature, traversing geographical boundaries; and discussing fundamental human concerns. Thus, it can be affirmed that the scope of the Potret Pemikiran Journal encompasses global perspectives on the dynamics of human thought and society. This journal invites researchers, academics, and practitioners to contribute original writings, reviews, and critical essays that enrich the understanding of the complexity of thought and social dynamics of humanity. This journal is an open-access journal.

Seven main topics of journals of Potret Pemikiran

  1. Cultural Interactions and Traditions.

  2. Power Dynamics and Social Structures.

  3. Media and Propaganda Analysis.

  4. Gender Studies.

  5. Contemporary Issues.

  6. Ethnographic Studies.

  7. Islamic Thought and Ethics.


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