Potret Pemikiran is a journal that seeks to provide a space for scholarly exploration and critical analysis of various aspects of human thought, culture, and societal dynamics. The journal welcomes contributions from diverse fields, fostering a rich tapestry of perspectives. The primary objectives of the journal are:

  1. Cultural Interactions and Traditions: Investigating the intersections of culture, religion, and tradition, explicitly focusing on unique practices and rituals within different communities.

  2. Power Dynamics and Social Structures: Analyzing power relations in various contexts, such as the relationships between religious leaders and political authorities, and exploring the impact of power on society.

  3. Media and Propaganda Analysis: Unraveling the political economy of media through critical analysis, with a particular emphasis on media conglomerates, propaganda, and their role in shaping public discourse.

  4. Gender Studies: Examining women's experiences in diverse cultural and societal settings, shedding light on the double burden faced within families, and addressing the complex interplay of culture and discrimination.

  5. Contemporary Issues: Investigating society's responses to current challenges, such as the dilemmas faced by religious scholars, leaders, traditional figures, community leaders, and the general public, as well as exploring how society deals with complex situations.

  6. Ethnographic Studies: Offering an in-depth understanding of cultural practices through ethnographic studies, utilizing frameworks such as Victor Turner's perspective to explore rituals and symbolic expressions within societies.

  7. Islamic Thought and Ethics: Exploring Islamic thought's humanistic and ethical dimensions through linguistic and discursive analyses, focusing on contemporary speech and writings.

Potret Pemikiran invites researchers, scholars, and practitioners to contribute original research articles, reviews, and critical essays that contribute to the broader understanding of the complex tapestry of human thought and societal dynamics. The journal is committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and rigorous scholarship in its pursuit of knowledge.