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AQLAM: Journal of Islam and Plurality (P-ISSN 2528-0333; E-ISSN: 2528-0341) is a journal published by the Ushuluddin, Adab and Dakwah Faculty, State Islamic Institute of Manado, Indonesia. AQLAM published twice a year and focused on the Islamic studies especially the basic sciences of Islam, including the study of the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic History and Culture, Theology, Mysticism, and Local Wisdom in Indonesia. It is intended to communicate original research and current issues on the subject. This journal warmly welcomes contributions from scholars of related disciplines. Every article submitted and will be published by AQLAM will review by two peer review through a double-blind review process | Address: Jl. Dr. S.H. Sarundajang Kompleks Ring Road I, Kota Manado, Sulawesi Utara, 95128 | E-Mail; | Phone: +62431860616 | AQLAM has become a CrossRef Member since the year 2018. Therefore, all articles published by AQLAM will have unique DOI number.

Please read and understand the author guidelines thoroughly. Author who submits a manuscript to the editors of  AQLAM: Journal of Islam and Plurality must follow the author guidelines. If the submitted manuscript does not follow the guidelines or using a different format, it will be rejected by the editorial team before it is reviewed. Editorial Team will only accept a manuscript that meets the specified format requirements.

The articles published in AQLAM: Journal of Islam and Plurality have been double blind-reviewed by peer reviewers. The decision on whether the scientific article is accepted or not in this journal will be the Editorial Board’s right based on peer reviewer's recommendation.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents


Yuliana Jamaluddin, Siti Aisa
Arik Dwijayanto, Yusmicha Ulya Afif
Muhammadong Muhammadong
Ella Susila Wati, Yuli Imawan, Eri Rahmawati
Asna Istifada, Ahmad Musyafiq, Hasan Asy’ari ‘Ulama’i, Mohammad Abdul Aziz
Adlan Ryan Habibie